Team owner and rider of the Uddeholm Drag Bike. Race duties also include all forms of mechanic work. Started riding motorcycles in the late 60:s and participated in his first dragrace 1985. He was one of the drivers to found the Super Twin dragracing class (equal to Top Fuel Harley but allows any angle ore none between cylinders) in 1989 and have been competing in it since then. Works with technical consulting and education of Harley-Davidson mechanics but also fabricates his own line of racing engines and parts. Have a 1997 Buell S3 Thunderbolt and 1971 Electra as street bikes.
The teams own "Swedish Chef" who is responsible for meals as well as coffee and soft drinks. Also have general ground staff duties in order to take care of sponsors, guests, travelling arrangements and keep everything else around the racing operation working.
Drives what she finds outside the garage and is hired at Karling Consulting doing everything from machining to book keeping.
Was born in Finland, raised in Sweden, since 1977 living in Costa Mesa, L.A. USA. Start riding a Sportster in the early seventies and since those days also wellknown for his spectacular paintjobs.
After 6 years in L.A working for different shops with restoration of old cars and hot rodders he started his own business, Jarmos Custom Auto, building cars, bikes and doing paintjobs. The business went more and more over to supply dragracers in Europe with parts, cars and bikes.
Jarmo almost lived at the racetracks and guys like Tom "Mongoose" McEwen, Don "The Snake" Prudomme, Dick LaHaie, Ed "The Ace" McCulloch, Jim Dunn, Brad Anderson that he read about in Hot Rod Magazine during the seventies is today his best friends.
A lot of the knowledge from the racing industry and the top teams in the NHRA/IHRA racing is forwarded to Europe by Jarmo. A big part of the business at Jarmo´s today is supplying many of the top teams in NHRA/IHRA, Pro Stock cars and NASCAR with the swedish made Auto Verdi oilpump
Does all public relations for the team including press releases, photography and print originals. Works as writing photographer for major Scandinavian motoring magazines and have more then 20 years experience of covering all forms of major motorsport. Is a big fan of Mopar muscle cars and drives a 440 six pack Dodge Charger and have another Hemi powered one spread in small peaces in his garage.

The team got contact with Mats when he did help to install a diesel engine in the motorhome. The gasoline 454 was taken out and a 6,5 diesel was installed. His mechanical skills on all kind of vehicles and talent to very quick explore how things works in combination with many years of experience on cars, trucks and heavy construction machines did do that he added a lot when he enjoyed the team.

To start with Mats worked mainly with the clutch at the races and later on also did all kind of works when rebuilding the bike between the races. He also participate building the new dragbike with all kind of works. The clutch system, electrical and chassi is the main working areas for Mats nowadays in the team.

Outside the racing is Mats running his own business servicing, repairing and modifying heavy special vehicles for road construction.