Sept 22th to 23th 2006
IronCAD user meeting by Solidmakarna, Sweden

More than 70 people did participate in the 2006 IronCAD users meeting hosted by Solidmakarna at one of the nicest cruise ships, Birka Paradise, in the Baltic Sea.

The meeting gave all participants a great opportunity to share there experience working in the 3D designing world. At Friday evening when the ship left Stockholm did Robert Andersson at Solidmakarna introduced everyone in background to the meeting, the schedule and the future. Robert also presented the 2006 European Top Methanol Funny Car  Champion Ulf Leander that also was onboard. The Leanders Bros has been partners with IronCAD for many years.

Richard Serna from IronCAD Europe went even further in all the options that is going to be true in the future. IronCAD who started from scratch 1990 is not as many competitors locked into “old” functions.

Charley did show a film and held a presentation about the Karling Racing Teams background and up until today when IronCAD is used designing the new dragbike and all opportunities it has given. Charley explained that only in the transmission design has 50 percent of the parts been eliminated and integrated in other parts with the help of the great overview the 3D system gives. The complete 8” clutch, with its in and output shafts, for the new bike was assembled and shown to the group.    

Three different 2 hour seminars was held on Saturday. It was about the DDM software (Design Data Manager), Algor software (Design Check FEM) and the new version 9.0 in IronCAD.

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