Sept 8th & 9th and 10th 2006
Santa Pod England European Finals

The most beautiful weather we have seen in England (so far). Sunny, around 25 C and not much wind. The air has been very good which also reflects a lot of new records. Tom Tinndan from Denmark/Sweden did a 7,22 with his G2 Buell Pro Stock Bike which is the best ET Europe so far in this class. The cars also did well.

We had prepared the bike for this event with a new 32x14 Good Year Tire. The reason is that the bike is built for a 13” wide tire with a 12” rim and not so much space to the chain and chassi left when we went up to the stiff side wall 14” tires. The Good Years gives us a little bit more room and we wanted to try it.

We did hurt our motor the first qulification round. Did 4,33 at the eight mile and 281 km/h (174,47 mph), shut off when the engine did´nt feel healthy and had a 7,04 and 160 mph at the finish line.

Now we had to save the motor we have left. The field was better than ever. Lorenz Stauble qualified as no 1 with 6,61 and no eight was Per Bengtsson (Bentec) with a 7,068. We stayed at the no 7 with the 7,04 to take out the best guys first ha...ha....

We need to take one more win than Lorenz to be number two in the Championship and Ronny Aasen needs to go out first round and we can win the Championship title.

At the pre-race ceremony did everyone honour Svein “Gotten” Gottenberg - that we all miss so much - with a silent minute.

Had Jasca Salakari first round. Now we got some performance, 4,24 at the eight mile against Jasca´s 4,80. Hade to shut off early to correct the bikes angle. Had a 6,79 and only 160 mph at the finishline. Jasca got problems and had a 8,44.

Next round Gunther Sohn. He has been coming strong his second year in Top Fuel, had a 6,73 in this race. In a “bumpy” ride did Charley miss the shift button and got the second gear to late. But the 6,89 was enough for the win to the final as Gunther also red lighted.

Lorenz who also had his second year in Top Fuel has been really strong this year with a lot of good runs. Has been doing the number three time in Europe with a 6,59.

Lorenz lost fire in the first rounds burn out and Job Heezen jumped in as first alternate. This means we have moved to number two in the Championship.

Final against Ronny Aasen. Wanted to win the race of course, even if we not have the chance to win the Championship. Wanted to win to much and got an drivers error red light (-.400). Ronny did broke the belt just after the starting line and where not able to cross the finish line. But according to the rules he was the winner. We fouled first.

Ronny Aaasen became Super Twin European Champion for 2006, we number two and Lorenz Stauble number tree.

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