August 25th -27th 2006
Hockenheim, Germany

4th run in the European championship 2006 at Hockenheim Ring 100km south from Frankfurt in Germany.

Friday is the first day of qualification. It rains heavy all day long and the following night, but stops in the morning. Luckily we could make 2 passes on Saturday. Charley tried to drive with new glasses, but it did not work well at higher speeds. The lenses affected the times so we couldn’t do better than number 6 with 7,84sek. No1 qualifier was Lorenz Stauble, Switzerland, 6,70sek.

Had Joachim Riemer, Germany, first round. Did a 6,73sek without glasses and took the win.

Next round Jaska Salakari, Finland, who qualified no2 with new direct drive super twin. The clutch is mounted directly on the crankshaft. Took the win with some god luck when the primary belt brook at 3,6sek and rolled over the finish line after 7,69sek. Jaska had bigger problems when crossing the center line.

Met Lorenz Stauble in the final. Lorenz 0,02 advantage with is 0,06 reaction time but Charley passed him at the 60ft, 1,11-1,17. Both riders have to shut off and steer from the center line at the 1/8mile. Charley 4,29sek with only 253km/h, Lorenz 4,43sek with 273km/h. Both get on the throttle again and Charley crossed the finish line 0,046sek in front of Lorenz.

The finals are at Santa Pod Raceway in England 7-10sept 2006.