July 28th -30th  2006
Mantorp Park Sweden Veidec Festival

Third race in the European Championship 2006. Beautiful weather, around
30 degrees C and no wind. A total of 297 racers did race in classes from Stock to Top Fuel. In Super Twin did 16 riders try to get a god spot in a 8 bike field.

Before this race did we put in the spare bottom end because the other one had been used four races without taking  the heads off. It seems to be happy with the tuning we are running now.

First qualification pass out in the right lane. Thats the lane we like best at Mantorp Park. Had some handling problems but not like the ones in Finland. The bike did not respond as it did in Finland and the 4,68 on the eight mile did clearly reflect that. Everything looked good but something is missing. We could not see anything visual or at the computer. We hoped for a good qualification round Saturday morning before the heat comes and at the left lane that is the best for us. But after just 3 seconds did the primary belt split into pieces. We replace these belts regulary and do most often only do 3 maximum 4 passes on them. In the past when we not had the cooling fan we have to replace the belt every second run.

Uddeholm visitors
Charley with the pushbike

Fotograf Lena Peréz

Finally we qualified no 7 with the best ET of 7,56. With last years numbers at this race in our mind - 6,54 - did we not feel very happy. But that is dragracing.

Number one qualifier Per Bengtsson with his Bentec parallel twin 6,80. Charley lost first round against Lorenz Stauble Switzerland after drifting to the centerline and have to shut off. Lorenz also won the race and was running a side-by-side with Ronny Aasen Norway 6,78 to 6,79.

Fotograf Lena Peréz

In the points are we now number three less than a round from Lorenz who is number two now. Ronny has the lead.

When summary the 2006 Mantorp Race, the race results for Karling Racing could have been better but everything else was better than ever. Good weather, no accidents, a lot of superb racing in all classes from Junior Dragster to Top Fuel and the best of all - over 25 000 spectators/racefans including our invaluable sponsors/partners and all good friends is something to remember.

Charley and Carina wish they have had more time to talk with all visitors in the Karling Racing pit space during the weekend. Thank you all for coming and welcome back.

Next race will take place in Hochenheim Germany 25-26 August.