June 8th 2006
Ironcad 3-D

The new 2006 Super Twin Top Fuel bike is still under development. By using
3D-CAD to develop the bike lead to more ideas...that just cant be leaved untried. It makes it very easy to see how the new components for the bike will look and fit BEFORE the parts are going to manufactured.

- Now we can do things that simply not could be done without 3D, and I think this give us a real big advantage, says Charley who start using IronCAD last year.
To create something in 3D and see how it will look and behave without the need for manufactured prototypes, is very
time saving and intuitive. It makes it possible to look in to solutions that otherwise not could have been investigated.

Some parts will go directly from 3D-CAD to a milling CAM-system without the need for a 2D drawing wich also is new for Karling racing.
Also its so much easier to communicate with suppliers and customers when 3D is present. Everyone understand immediately how the components is designed and how they works.

The use of IronCAD also makes it very easy to make presentations in the case studies that is continusly going on with Karling Racing´s main partner Uddeholm Tooling.