May 29th 2006
Santa Pod Main Event

First round solo. Early shut off because the bike was drifting against the wall. It was very windy conditions.

Semi final against Günter Sohn from Germany. Günter did improve a lot during the weekend on his bike that was new last year. Charley did a 6.69sek against Günters 7.08sek and took the win.

In the final Charley met Ronny Aasen, from Norway, who was European Champion 2005. Charleys blower bike reacted a little bit slow against Ronnys normally aspirated huge twin. But at the 1/8 Charley had passed him with 1/10 of a second. Charley had 4.25sek/181.41mph at this point. At the finish line Charley had 6.577sek but  the speed was only 181.30mph because of an early shut off. Charley had some traction problem at the top end. Ronny had major problems and slowed down to 7.82sek so Charley took the win.

We all had a very pleasant weekend and every one did their job very well. Even when it comes to repairing the motor home in which the transmission broke down on the way to England.

A big THANK YOU to Johnny, Freddy and Jimmy who helped us with parts, transportation and rebuilding!