May 28th 2006
Santa Pod main event

First qualification round – 6.882sek/163.58mph
A huge fuel leak during the run but nothing damaged in the engine.

Second qualification round – good start with 2.89sek at 330ft but then drifting hard and crossing the centerline, run aborted.

Third qualification round – Even better at the 330ft, 2.872sek and 4.259sek/177.8mph at 1/8 and then a early shut of after 5.9sek cause the speed to slow down 190.23mph but the ET 6.573 was enough to bee the no 1 qualifier at the event.
No 2 is Laurenz Stauble from Switzerland with 6.64sek.

Because of childbirth the team is a bit changed. Greger Johansson with his wife Lena and Mats Ternström are helping out here at the race.

Elimination monday the 29th at the Banking Holliday here in Great Britain.

You can follow the race at