1 January 2006


This is what we are spending all our time on nowadays. The new dragbike that should be ready for testing during 2006. A chassi fixture has being built based on grinded plates from Uddeholm. The plate is 40 mm thick and weights 450 kg.

With help from Christer Hermansson at Chris Performance in Stockholm is the tubes bent to the right form.

The tubing and sheet metal for the chassis is coming out of Docol 800 and Docol 1000 from SSAB of Sweden. The sheet metal is formed to tubes at Rautaruuki in Finland.

Benna Norén from UCC, is coming now and then helping us to weld the chassi. He is also manufacturing our stamped brackets (we now have 13 different versions) out of Docol 1000 sheet metal.

Christian Merlid, Mats Tärnström and Charley is discussion design solutions at the seat position.