Bike specification
Rider: Anders "Charley" Karling
Hometown: Täby, SWEDEN
Crew: Christian Merlid, Viktoria Karling, Carina Dahl & Jarmo Pulkkinen
PR/Media: Stefan Boman
Homepage webmaster: Jenny Jurnelius
Engine: Supercharged Karling/Uddeholm 45° V2
Fuel: Nitromethane.
Displacement: 113 cu. in.
Crankcase: Design H-D Sportster, +1" deck height. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Flywheels: 8.250", 4-1/2 stroke. Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Sprocket shaft: 1.500" press-in style, welded.Material Uddeholm Orvar Supreme.
Pinion shaft: 1.500"/30 mm, press-in style. Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Crankpin: 1.625" press-in style, welded. Material/heattreatment no spec
Connecting rods: Length 7.750". Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme. 
Barrels: 4" bore, 4.250" base pattern. Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Pistons: 4" JE special made, Speed-Pro rings.
Wrist pins: Extra heavy-duty. Material Uddeholm Orvar Supreme.
Heads: Karling Racing Engines. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Fuel consumption: 0,8 litres/sec
Supercharger: Opcon/Autorotor screwtype blower.
Ignition: Dyna 4000 Super Pro.
Beltdrive: Bentec 14mm 1.25: 1.
Clutch:  Bentec "BIG" 4-discs.
Clutch shaft:  Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Gearbox: New Bentec two-speed, 28% underdrive on low gear.
Fuel Pump:  Waterman "Little Bertha".
Computer: Dyna Datalog, monitors boost, fuel-pressure, engine rpm, rear wheel rpm, clutch-slip, exhaust-temperature, battery voltage and G-force. 
Frame: Charley & Viktoria Karling/Unique Custom Cycle. Chrome Molybden steel..
Engine plates: Charley & Viktoria Karling. Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Forklegs: Öhlins "SuperBike" modified for dragracing
Fork brackets:  Karling/Merlid Material Uddeholm Alumec.
Wheels axle:  Material Uddeholm Impax Supreme.
Rear wheel mount:  Material Uddeholm Alumec. 
Brakes: Front 2 x 320mm with six piston calipers, ISR.
Rear 1 x 250mm with four piston calipers, ISR.
Wheels: Front PM 17" x 2.75", rear PM 15" x 12".
Tires: Front Michelin slicks 12/60-17, rear Mickey Thompson 32x14x15.
Body: Carbon fiber by Swe Composite,
front spoiler by Janne Gustavsson/Formtech
Rear alu spoiler, Christer Hermansson.
Paint design: Löörs Svensson.
Paint: Ivve Hallberg.
Fuel volumes: 19 litres 75-95% nitromethane. Oil tank 1,0 litres.
Wheelbase: 92-1/2" (2350 mm).
Weight: 350 kg race ready excl rider.
Horsepower:  Approx. 800 hp
Performance: 0-100 km/h - 0,95 sec
0-200 km/h - 2,70 sec
0-300 km/h - 4,90 sec
Best ET 1/4: 6,361
Best Speed 1/4: 356,435 km/h (221,526 mph)
European Record Holder:  ET 1/8 4,291
ET 1/4 6,458
TS 1/8 281
TS 1/4 346,153
Sponsors Uddeholm Tooling
Swecomposite Carbon Fiber
Snap-On Northside Tools
Lucas Oils 
Harley-Davidson/Buell Sweden AB
ISR Brake Technology
Bengtssons Smide
Mix Fix
Persåkers Speedshop
Mickey Thompson Tires
UMEC Earfoon